Too often importers overlook the advantages of a Foreign Trade Zone


What is an FTZ?

A Foreign Trade Zone is authorized by US Customs to give a qualifying importer a unique financial advantage.


How can a Foreign Trade Zone save you money?

By routing your cargo through an FTZ you can defer all import duties until an actual US sale has taken place.


Before sale, does your cargo need to be sorted?   Tested?   Modified?   Assembled?

A Foreign Trade Zone is your answer.  No import duties are required until an actual US sale takes place.  Even if it takes a year ....or more.  Think of the advantage this gives you in managing cash flow.


What if your cargo is only passing through the US?

By utilizing a Foreign Trade Zone, no US import duties are required.  None at all.


What if I need to do final assembly of my cargo before I can sell it?

This can be done within a Foreign Trade Zone.  Again, no import duties are required until a sale is completed.


What if I am exporting?

U.S. domestic goods may be shipped into a FTZ and considered exported for the purpose of duty drawback and excise-tax rebates. Very useful if you are waiting for a quota period to re-open.


ASK Marine     >     a FOREIGN TRADE ZONE for all importers 


What specialized services does ASK Marine provide?

For the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach (FTZ #202), ASK MARINE is the ONLY facility that extends the FTZ advantage to importers of overweight and oversized cargo.  We are the only operation in this territory offering this service.

Detailed paperwork must be correctly managed in order to realize the benefits of bringing your cargo through an FTZ.

Again, ASK Marine is your solution...no matter what size your cargo.

ASK MARINE's huge-capacity warehouse is located within our US Customs licensed Foreign Trade Zone (Zone #202, Site 15).  You can legally  perform modifications while safely protected within our high-security facility.  We will monitor all cargo activities and report to you with daily updates and monthly summaries.

ASK Marine always goes the extra mile, but they are close to the Ports .... only two miles from the docks and right along the over-weight, over-size corridor.

ASK Marine will manage all the US Customs paperwork and monitor your cargo every step of the way so you realize the full benefits of an FTZ.

ASK Marine     >   

Personalized service is what we provide to all our shippers.

Large indoor FTZ warehouse for sorting or modifying your cargo (duty free).

Toshiba FTZ units

Clean, high-security outdoor storage yard (over 3.5 acres) for containers, rigging, and trucks


Experienced rigging and transportation services to all points in North America and beyond


Specialized loading equipment is onsite.


Unloading/loading capacity of over 110,000 lbs is onsite

Additional crane services available through our trusted affiliates to lift extreme, oversized cargo up to 160 tons (330,000 lbs)


Experienced with delicate, high-needs heavy machinery imports and exports.

Daily updates and monitoring of your cargo

Personalized administration of all official import and export forms
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ASK Marine is federally bonded and fully insured.

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