FTZ Details

FTZ's are licensed by the US Customs Office for operation within a territory. The Southern California FTZ Territory #202  expands from the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach eastward to Ontario and north to Bakersfield.

ASK Marine is federally-bonded and licensed by US Customs to operate as a Foreign Trade Zone.

A Foreign Trade Zone offers importers unique opportunities to save money:

  1. Deferring all duties and fees until a finalized sale has taken place allows an importer to more easily manage cash flows. If a buyer defaults on a sale, no tax duties are required while you seek a new buyer.  ...Even if it takes a year to negotiate and close a deal with a new buyer.


  1. Is your cargo ultimately to be sold in Canada or Mexico? Global shippers sometimes end up paying unnecessary fees simply because they are unaware of a US government sanctioned "loop hole".  By bringing your shipment into a FTZ, no US fees are required as it journeys to another country.


And... consider this:  There is no limitation by US Customs as to how long your shipment can be stored in a FTZ before it journeys to another country.



Inside our secure FTZ facility, your cargo can be inspected, modified, and stored safely for days, months, or even years.

Naturally, we handle any sized shipments where special attention is a priority.  However, our large-scale facility was specifically constructed and situated to offer the FTZ advantage to shippers of overweight, oversized cargo.


We are the only operation in the territory that can provide specialized care for this high-needs market.   And we are close to the docks.  Only two miles away and right off the overweight, oversize corridor.

It is true, there are other  overweight, oversize facilities within the territory.  But, ASK Marine is the only one licensed as a FOREIGN TRADE ZONE.  (Our nearest competitor is 6 miles from the Port, and is not a licensed FTZ.)


For an importer to take advantage of an FTZ, US Customs requires all paperwork to be filled out correctly and transportation regulations strictly followed.

ASK Marine will handle all the detailed paperwork for you correctly.

ASK Marine can make sure your cargo is delivered safely and quickly from dock to our high-security FTZ storage yard and warehouse.

ASK Marine can inspect, re-secure, and rig your cargo for the next phase of its journey whether by truck, boat, plane, or rail.

At every level ASK Marine specializes in getting things done safely and correctly.

Final assembly of equipment

....can be done on site...indoors within our FTZ.

ASK has been licensed by the Port to petition for permissions from US Customs allowing you to do assemblies and modifications to your import.  Your imports will be free of all duties until an actual sale takes place.

Defective cargo can be discarded with no import fee.

If final assembly totals more than 50%, it can be labeled "Made in USA".  This will effectively eliminate all import duties.

This is available whether you are importing into the US or your goods are just passing through the US destined for some other country. If your goods are sold in another country, no US duties will be required.

ASK takes care of all the legal paperwork....and will monitor the administration of your modifications as well as provide the highest security.


Heavy Cargo Rigging

From the beginning we created ASK Marine to handle heavy cargo with ease.

With our on-site equipment ASK Marine can safely handle lifting, moving, loading and unloading of overweight/oversize equipment of over 110,000 lbs.

For specialty items, we bring in our Mobile Crane associate for cargo up to 400,000 lbs. (200 tons)

Rigging and Transport

 We will re-secure your cargo following its ocean journey, inspect, and prepare it for safe travel over land.

When cargo is destined to Canada, Mexico or beyond, transporting across the USA can be expertly arranged by ASK.

ASK's main concern is protecting your import materials.  We treat your investment as our investment.

Heavy Hauling ....... we know the right people who will get it there safely

We regularly travel the country to secure the best, safest transport for your unique equipment.

ASK Marine is experienced with rigging sensitive equipment.  For example, we have been assisting clients importing extremely delicate CNC rache machines that grind a block of metal to 1/1000" specifications.  Extreme care of this equipment is required every step of the way.

ASK Marine does meticulous inspections and protections of sensitive equipment while in their warehouse and when it is prepared for transport across the country.


We provide daily updates of cargo movement, as well as accurate monthly inventory reports.


If you want your cargo to be given the ultimate care, ASK Marine is your answer.
Delicate overweight and oversize cargo is our specialty.


For your convenience, below are several documents highlighting details about FTZ's.  Right clicking on them should give you the options to expand and view them  or to download.

Microsoft Word - FTZ_Vs_Bonded_Warehouse
Microsoft Word - FTZ_Management