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Custom Service

ASK Marine, Inc operates Foreign Trade Zone site #15 in the Southern California territory #202, which serves the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.  We specialize in custom handling of unique, oversized, and overweight machinery for import and export.

We are strategically located along the over-weight, over-sized corridor only two miles from the docks.  We are the only such operation that extends the Foreign Trade Zone advantage to the over-sized/weight shipper.  We guarantee custom service for your unique cargo.

Our Commitment

Although your cargo may be "large" to an extreme, we know it is often extremely delicate.  It may weigh over 300 tons, but ASK Marine knows from experience that it requires tender loving care.  There's just too much investment at stake to treat it as just another large container.


Ask Marine welcomes any size shipment into its FTZ facility. Services include warehousing, storage, rigging, tracking, and re-shipping of your cargo.

Next Steps....

Contact us at the above to discuss the special needs of your cargo.

We are here to give you direct, personalized service.

Find out how a Foreign Trade Zone may be just the advantage you were looking for.